What is Quantum Information Research Center?

 We will strive to build an environment where talented researchers in quantum information and related fields from Yokohama National University and elsewhere can gather, exchange information, create ideas on a day-to-day basis, and persistently launch high-value joint research projects in a timely manner. This Center was founded as a global research center to promote practical research and to build a reputation for carrying out world-class, large-scale research projects by participating as a core organization in national projects and joint international projects.

QIC Pamphlet

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At Okinawa School in Physics 2023, Prof. Hideo Kosaka, Center Director of QIC, gave an invited talk titled "Towards Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography with diamonds".


At Moonshot Goal 6: International Symposium 2023, Prof. Hideo Kosaka, Center Director of QIC, gave an invited talk on the Moonshot Goal 6 project "Development of Quantum Interfaces for Building Quantum Computer Networks".

Prof. Hideo Kosaka, Director of QIC, gave an invited talk at Quantum Innovation 2022 titled "From quantum repeater networks to the quantum internet".Click here for presentation materials

New method of controlling qubits could advance quantum computers

[Application Deadline: Feb/13/2023] Recruitment of specially appointed assistant professor (non-tenure) at the Quantum Information Research Center. (Application will be closed as soon as we hire the qualified candidates.)

The Center Director Hideo Kosaka, presented his project overview at the Moonshot International Symposium for Goal 6.

Looking for members for the Moonshot R&D project, the mission of which is to make the processing of quantum information a driver of the world we live in by 2050!

[Applications must arrive by 1/8] We have started a search for qualified persons to fill positions of specially appointed faculty members (assistant professors) at the Quantum Information Research Center. (Closed)

Katsunori Kawano Appointed Strategic Research Planning Manager

Quantum Information Research Center has been opened.

Hideo Kosaka, Director of the Center, has been selected as the manager of the Moonshot R&D project.

News of findings by Director Hideo Kosaka and others ranked 6th in the world in annual views on EurekAlert!.