Greetings from the Center Director

 We will strive to build an environment where talented researchers in quantum information and related fields from Yokohama National University and elsewhere can gather, exchange information, create ideas on a day-to-day basis, and persistently launch high-value joint research projects in a timely manner. This Center was founded as a global research center to promote practical research and to build a reputation for carrying out world-class, large-scale research projects by participating as a core organization in national projects and joint international projects.

 The aims of the Center are to create a new field that integrates quantum technology-related fields such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum sensing, and to build large-scale quantum computing networks which could go on to form a global quantum internet.

 At the Center, we will consolidate core technologies such as quantum relays using quantum memory, integrated photonics using photonic crystals, and quantum electronics using superconducting elements. We will quicken the pace of collaboration with researchers within YNU as well as others outside the university, and at the same time cultivate the Center a space for interdisciplinary and international research and education by providing it as a place for research and education in the field of quantum information.

Hideo Kosaka,
Center Director